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With a view to improve the service that we currently offer and in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2008 requirements, we would request that you fill out the following questionnaire.
Designation :
Name :
1.  How long have you been using our services for?

2.  How often do you use our services?

3.  Overall, how satisfied are you with our services?

4.  How likely are you to use our services again in the future?

5.  Would you recommend our services to others?

6.  Do you think we fully understand the service requirements of your organization.

7.  Overall, how satisfied are you with the level of communication between you/your organization and our company?

8.  How would you rate the overall appearance of our staff?

9.  How would you rate the attitude of our staff towards safety?

10.  Do you find the level of cooperation that you receive from our staff?

11.  How would you rate the time keeping of our staff?

12.  Overall, the quality of service you receive from our Sales Department Is?

13.  Overall, the quality of service you receive from our Operations Department is?

14.  Overall, the quality of service you receive from our Administration Department is?

15.  Overall, the value for money for the service compared you receive is?

What recommendations would you make for improving our services?

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